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Services Offered by Glenfield Engineering

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Glenfield Engineering  providing a wide range of services to existing and potential clients including the following:

  • Fabrication, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Process, Utility and High Purity Pipework

  • Fabrication and Installation of Tanks, Silos & Vessels

  • Pipe Bridges, Platforms & Stair Towers

  • Process and Heavy Equipment Installation

  • Pre-assembled Modular Racks & Process Units (OSM)

  • Dismantling and Transport of Equipment

  • Scheduled Shutdown Work

Our Limerick based stainless steel & carbon steel fabrication facilities extend to over 3,000sq. m with 3 hectares of concreted laydown area. The extent of our fabrication facilities has made Glenfield Engineering one of the premier Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM) companies in Ireland.

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