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Pipe Fabrication services offered by
glenfield engineering

Pipe Fabrication may be field or modular based within industry sectors as diverse as Pharma to Oil/Gas, from Biotech to Power.

Welding Processes include:

  • STT / GMAW – Surface Tension Transfer (open root welding)

  • FCAW – Flux Cored Arc Welding

  • SMAW – Shielded Metal Arc Welding

  • GTAW – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

  • SAW – Submerged Arc Welding

  • Orbital Welding – Open / Closed Head

All welders are dual certified to ASME Boiler & Vessel Pressure Code (section IX) and the equivalent European Standards BS EN 287/288.

Welding preparation and procedures are done in accordance with ANSI Code B31.3 for Pressure Piping.