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Testimonials from Our Clients

This page contains testimonials and comments from some of Glenfield Engineering clients, voicing their opinion about the services we provide to them.


Ray Molyneaux - Irish Cement
Works Engineer



“Glenfield Engineering successfully met and surpassed the stringent site safety requirements during all stages of the project which can be attributed to the high level of experience maintained in their organisation and the proactive approach in the project planning and implementation”

Seamus Holland
Senior Engineer Manager Lagan Cement


“The commitment, dedication and professionalism of their staff was clearly demonstrated by completing in excess of 4600 man-hours on program, without any safety non-conformance, in the most demanding weather conditions and to exacting standards over the project period”

Rickie Rogers
Director - Mercury


“Glenfield Engineering’s expertise and experience contributed greatly to the success of the project. Throughout the duration of the project Glenfield Engineering has been fully compliant with all H&S regulations and their safely record on the project has been exemplary”

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